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Advancement Professional Management Services LLC.

Advancement Professional Management Services LLC,  is a human resource consulting service that is available to small and mid-size companies, with a strong focus on areas such as HR compliance, auditing, and recordkeeping. 

Our Mission

Our Company’s mission is – to provide worry-free services that give companies long-term relief by eliminating complex compliance issues, to enhance our clients’ productivity.

Our Services

We provide quality services that keep companies safe from litigious cases, along with the prevention of revenue and productivity loss. Our services include a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and areas of opportunities, a detailed report that will include a project plan with proposed timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule.

Our Services

New Hire Paperwork Process

Audits & Recordkeeping

HR Compliance & Training

Benefits Administration

Employee Onboarding Process

Policies and Procedures


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paula for over a year at the City of Dania Beach. During this time, Paula has strived to make me, and everyone she encounters, extremely satisfied with an exceptional working experience. 

Paula is very caring, and as an HR Director, she is someone who took the time to make every situation a positive experience, even in the mist of chaos, and this speaks volume to her character.

Paula would stay late and come in early just so that all of the City of Dania Beach employees were cared for. I sincerely appreciate Paula’s commitment and generosity. 




Eric Brown

Director, Parks and Recreation

The City of Dania Beach

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