Are You Compliant?

Did You Know?...

Your company can be sued large amounts of money if not compliant with ever-changing Employment Laws, causing possible bankruptcy? Human Resources is the key component to companies’ compliance programs and is accountable for upholding this responsibility.

The type of organizations, including small businesses, often subjected to litigious actions against them, include:

Florida is considered an ‘at-will’ state, which means that either the employer or employee may terminate their employment relationship at any time. However, employers still need ‘just cause’ for terminating an employee without having to suffer possible legal ramifications, which are handled here, in Florida, through the court system or via arbitration.

  • Hospitals

  • Call Centers

  • Restaurants

  • Fast-food franchises

  • Organizations who pay their employees hourly

Here's The Facts...

  • Most offices are unknowingly running their business in violation of Federal Employment laws.

  • Most companies are NOT COMPLIANT with I-9 Regulations. 

  • Most companies are NOT COMPLIANT with their websites.

  • If you are not using screen flickers on your Company website, you are NOT COMPLIANT.

  • If you are using linked style sheets on your Company websites, you are NOT COMPLIANT.

  • If you do not offer FMLA to your existing employees, you are NOT COMPLIANT.

  • IRS conducts business audits for various reasons; for example, reports of violations.